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  1. Thea Hutchinson

    “Now, You’re Mine” A fascinating read, especially when you mention Ed. I’m Helen’s sister. I have followed your blogs/novel/website to try to get a little more insight into my sister’s past. I always thought he was a controlling figure but being a lawyer… I know my sister mentioned how much she liked you, you were still married to him at the time (did you give her Hermes perfume as a gift once?) It was a long time ago so I may be wrong. Anyway, just wanted you to know I enjoy “keeping up” with you on Whidbey Is.

    • Margaret Bendet

      Thea, thank you so much for writing–and, my goodness, also for reading! I always liked Helen. (The perfume may have been from me.) I felt she and I were a lot alike. As you know, I was Ed’s first wife; Helen, his third–the marriage that lasted. When I learned they were marrying, I was so happy for them both. Ed has his faults, but he’s well intentioned, and I think your sister was beautiful in every way.

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